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Frequently Asked Questions



What should I wear for my tattoo session?

It’s more important to be comfortable! Looser is better than tighter so to not rub against the new tattoo. I will provide privacy dividers, and nipple pasties for your comfort! It's our job to make sure you feel welcomed and safe.


How long does a tattoo take?

Tattooing is not a quick process, nor should it be rushed! It all depends on the complexity of your tattoo. I do tattoo rather slower than others. This is because I do fine line and to apply it properly means going a little slower than usual. Please give it  5 hours max. We can also book full day sessions, most preferred!

Is It OK to get a tattoo if I'm sick?

Getting a tattoo when your immune system isn't at 100% is NOT ideal. You're going to need your strength and your white blood cells to heal your tattoo, something your body won't be able to do if it's already doing battle against virus and bacteria. Its not best to be come in, please reschedule! I'll always honor your deposits as long as there is a plan in place!   

How long does it take to heal after a tattoo?


The majority of your new tattoos healing process will be done within the first two weeks. However, the skin is still working to heal and rejuvenate and you need to plan on a 4-6 weeks for your skin to be back to its previous state. Everyone heals different and that's okay!


Can old tattoos be touched up?


Most tattoos do not need a touch-up, with exceptions to hand/ finger tattoos. Fine line tattoos have a tendency to fade if not taken care of at the right time or if the artist did not apply them correctly. However, when your skin’s natural healing process might create imperfections in your tattoo. You will need some extra detailing to fix the issue. P

You need to avoid sun exposure as well. It is suggested to cover your tattoo while being under the sun. You can also apply a sunscreen lotion to offer required protection to your tattoo and to avoid early fading. Please don't be afraid to email me about any healing concerns! I want to give you the best tattoo!

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