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Meet Ari Levinsohn

Born in the Philippines and raised in New York, Ari is a non-binary Filipinx tattoo artist who found tattooing as a source of grounding for her and for the clients she tattooed. After the course of many years of fine art practice, Ari has started working in tattoo shops since 2014 and began their tattooing career since 2018.

Creating art, at its core, is healing — and that’s why Ari transitioned from the traditional art world to the body art. Getting tattooed is a way for people to feel empowered, and reclaim body autonomy. It is a decision to find catharsis in holding yourself through pain and to embrace life’s duality of growth through hardship. The process of creating a space to gently guide a client through body art, is especially important to the artist. The trust and consent to allow someone to inscribe art on them must be up held in the highest regard. The goal is to provide a safe space for her clients to tap into vulnerability and bring some personal healing. By prioritizing cleanliness and open communication to the client's needs is how Ari achieves this goal. Disrespect, body shaming, and racial or identity discrimination are not tolerated in her practice.


Ari's artwork are illustrations that resemble graphite pencil drawings with accents of metallic elements and a touch of color. Their tattoo designs are black and grey illustrations that open up a dialogue on different emotional journeys to healing, reflections on our relationship with our body, and the recreation of supernatural entities that symbolize human experiences. These designs narrate the artist's own personal journey of transformative pain. Each are created to hold the intention for self compassion.  

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