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What to expect after getting a tattoo


A tattoo causes trauma to your body. Depending on the placement, the size, and an individual’s hygiene, and daily activities, healing is different for everyone. Because a tattoo is an open wound, they are susceptible to infections. It is best, therefore, to follow the aftercare instructions listed below to lower your risk of problems during the healing process.

You should expect your new tattoo to be red, irritated, swollen, and possibly bruised. These are normal reactions to the tattoo area. Usually, you can anticipate 1 to 3 days for red or irritated skin to subside. If swelling or bruising occurs, this could last for up to a week, especially if tattooed in a sensitive area such as the feet


Scabbing is a result of the body’s healing process. If you experience any scabbing, it is critical that you do not pick at it. Let the scab fall off naturally.

During the final stages of the healing process, typically 3 to 10 days, you can expect the skin to start to flake and peel. It is important that you do not pick or scratch at the area, this could remove ink from the tattoo and damage it. A light slap, preferable over clothed skin, will give you relief when itching occurs.




  1. Your tattoo will be covered in Saniderm when you leave your appointment. Saniderm is engineered to let your tattoo breathe and get the oxygen it needs to recover. Saniderm is an effective barrier against water, dirt, germs.

  2. To be extra careful, use clean old sheets you don’t care much about in case you move in your sleep and stain them. For your health and for the sheet’s sake! 

  3. Keep Saniderm on for 2 days, peel off slowly under warm water on day 3.

  4. Wash every morning and night for 2 more days, pat dry with a paper towel and use A&D o rQquahor after drying. Use a thin layer – too much will push the ink out.

  5. On day 4 or 5, the tattoo will start to peel lightly. Do not scratch or pick.

  6. After day 5, you may stop washing it. Apply more A&D until the peeling stops.

  7. Your tattoo will heal completely in a month.

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